About Pączki Day

Country Donuts Annual Pączki Celebration

A pre-Lenten favorite, our rich and delicious pastries are for sale on only two days every year!  The annual Country Donuts Pączki Days are two days prior to Ash Wednesday.

We make a special dough extra rich with eggs and butter, shape it into huge shells, and fill them with a combination of real butter cream and fruit or custard filling made just for Pączki Days.

Pączki Days are the two busiest days of the year, so plan ahead! Call us to order your favorites!

Our Pączki varieties include:
1) Buttercream and Custard
2) Buttercream and Black Raspberry
3) Buttercream and Strawberry

We go crazy on Pączki Days trying to satisfy everybody’s favorite Pączkis.
Quantity and variety are limited.  Please call and order ahead of time to ensure your favorite varieties are available.

Boxes of Country Donuts Pączki

History of Pączki

Pączki Day is a Polish tradition and celebration of Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras before Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of lent.  The traditional beginnings of Pączki were to use up all the decadent ingredients in the house before the fasting of Lent began.  Pączki has been a celebrated tradition since the Middle Ages and has evolved from a savory bread like dough, to a modern sweet pastry which usually consists of a decadently rich dose of eggs, sugar, and butter along with a variety cream and fruit fillings.

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