Fundraising: Donuts and Coupons


Sell our fresh Country DONUTS at your function, game or meeting. Your price per donut goes down when you buy more donuts. Our discounts for quantity purchases begin at 6 dozen. The discounts start at 35 per dozen and can be as much as $2.35 per dozen with a large order. With a 26 dozen order, your cost is only 46 per donut. You can sell these donuts for $1.00 each resulting in a 54 profit! Sell 26 dozen and you've made $168 for your organization!


You can raise money for your organization or Club even if you don't have a sales event that gathers people together. Sell our one-dozen coupons to your members, friends, neighbors and relatives. When your customers bring the coupons into our store, they can choose from 28 varieties of fresh donuts.

You can buy "one dozen" coupons in blocks of 25 for $5.50 per coupon and sell them for $7.85. You make $2.35 on each coupon sold. Sales can be all at once or spread out over several months. The coupons are good forever and you never have left-overs. Your customers can pick up their donuts whenever they want them.

Quantity Discount Prices
6 - 10 Dozen $7.50/Dz.
11 - 15 Dozen $7.00/Dz.
16 - 20 Dozen $6.50/Dz.
21 - 25 Dozen $6.00/Dz.
Over 25 Dozen $5.50/Dz.