About our Coffee

Gourmet and Regular Roast Blends

Our carefully roasted medium bodied regular coffee and delicious decaf are both ground and brewed fresh all day, every day!

If you are tired of tasteless, stale hamburger chain and convenience store coffee, or under extracted and bitter from "big bucks" coffee place, try ours for a real treat.

We have partnered with Chicago Coffee Roastery in Huntley: http://www.chicagocoffee.com/ to roast our own blend of Arabica beans in a medium roast that has a terrific flavor without bitterness. Let the delicious coffee flavor fill your taste buds with happiness!


Café Espress: BEST Espresso in the Midwest!

Master roaster Mike Levinson along with Chicago Coffee Roastery has developed our own espresso blend, Café Espress, which has a sweet and strong coffee flavor for use in your favorite drinks. Lattes and Cappuccino at reasonable prices! Don't waste your money on "big bucks" coffee shop "ambience"!

And here is a special offer for you careful readers of our website: Stop in and ask Scott for a FREE shot of Café Espress espresso on Espresso Wednesday! Let's light this candle! (Free Shot is just that, a Free Shot of Café Espress espresso in a small china cup, no lattes! A little sugar or shot of cream is OK)

Country Donuts Coffee Cup

Summer Breeze: Iced Coffee

Our ICED COFFEE is always available, custom made fresh for YOU every time you order! No big pitchers of old bitter coffee sitting around, we use our Italian Rancilio old school espresso machine to draw fresh shots of our Café Espress to make your drink. Strong, creamy, sweet, we will make it just the way you like it every time!

Coffee for Large Groups

Country Donuts Coffee To Go Box

Caffeine Fuel For Your Next Meeting!

Perk up your meeting with our coffee or hot chocolate in returnable or disposable containers. Call ahead and we will have your order ready when you arrive.
We offer disposable containers in 96 oz, 160 oz, or 3 gallon sizes. Call for pricing, and order ahead so there is no waiting.
For lower cost use one of our returnable 2 liter pushpots, 2 gallon picnic jugs, or 5 gallon Cambro containers. Call ahead for pricing and to have your order ready.
All bulk coffee orders come with cups, cream and sugar. Extra cups, lids, sweetener available at extra cost.